Modern Dreams, Traditional Looks

Choogha’s cushion cover is a beautiful product which enhances modern homes as it brings you a unique usage of cushions. Having an extra covering of this cushion with its spectacular fabric, Choogha, makes you happy to use it as a décor in your lovely living room.

Comfy and Cozy Cushions

One side of the cushion cover has Choogha’s pattern and the other side has an extra layer which is joined with some stitches in its four corners to that side of its covering. This layer has soft fur and It is unattached in its four sides until you can put your hand easily inside this soft layer. This extra layer is made of this traditionally-woven fabric, Choogha, which is a kind of animal fabric. Besides, it is waterproof due to its dense texture as well as it is fixed color and washable.

Great Comfort Thanks To Thick, Soft, Pocket-Season Cushions

When the weather started to get cold, you can keep your hands warm using this extra layer. Sometimes, even in summer, your hands and fingers are cold while your body has normal temperature. This layer can help your body as well as your hands to have pleasant temperature. In addition, you can use this multifunctional cushion in your bed as you hug it and keep your hands warm. The sleep set of Choogha’s cushion cover and choogha’s foot covering provides you with a comfort and pleasant sleep climate which are such minimal designs.

Choose Pieces That Make You Happy To Use As Decor

Choogha’s design suites various decorations due to its black and white color but rhythmic design which creates a calm, harmonious look in your home. The original pattern of Choogha’s design is used in one side of the cushion cover while in the other side, some parts of that design has been used. You can change your sofa’s appearance just by rearranging your cushions as they have different pattern on their two sides, and also they look in harmony with pillow cover of the sleep set of Choogha. This cushion cover become easily matched with traditional decoration as well as a modern style which make your home unique and spectacular.

For That Calm, Harmonious Look

You can use the extra layer of the original Choogha’s fabric in your decoration in cold seasons which is used more rather than warm ones. Therefore, you are able to use other sides of the cushion cover in warm seasons.