Modern dreams, traditional looks

Temperature is an important issue for sleep cycle. The feeling of being comfortable of feet in bed makes people to fall sleep easily. Cool atmosphere helps individuals to sleep well since it is highly recommended to keep the room temperature pleasantly cold. While the room is cool and suitable, Choogha’s foot covering helps to keep your body temperate and sleep well.

Woven by skilled Bakhtiary’s women

In the tribe of Bakhtiary, Choogha is such male clothing which Bakhtiarian men wear to be warm in all seasons, especially in cold seasons. This fabric has been woven by skilled craftswomen and I feel so proud to share these women’s work with the world. Furthermore, it has its particular usage these days as the Choogha fabric is used in outer layer of Choogha’s foot covering. It is made of animal and has fixed colored and washable. Choogha fabric is used in Choogha’s cushion cover, which is a part of the sleep set of Choogha.

To be in Harmony

If you suffer from being wet with sweat, using of Choogha’s foot covering could make you feel relaxed whenever you are asleep. The soft fur which is used in the inner layer of Choogha’s foot covering absorb the sweat as it keeps your feet pleasantly wet. Hence, your feet will not be cracked and this will bring you smooth skin.

Get big comfort from little touches

Although it is important to keep your feet warm, some people hate wearing socks while sleeping. Hence, Choogha’s foot covering could be a right choice for these ones because it is not tight. Choogha’s foot covering is like a loose bag which covers all feet including ankles until just under knees. As feet can move freely wearing it, it is appropriate for various sleeping positions.

And it’s so much more

Covering your feet with Choogha’s foot covering protects them from dust and bacteria, and it prevents having funguses and different foot infections. Since the treatment of funguses of feet is difficult, the best way to prevent such problems is covering feet. Choogha’s foot covering is such an appropriate covering for you while sleeping or sitting on the floor or sofa. In addition, this beautiful product is separated from all your daily socks, so feel relax and happy wearing it on.