An oh-so-soft pillowcase

Sometimes you like to cover all your body and your hands, even in warm seasons, while sleeping. Inevitably, you put your hand under the mattress or pillow which either the weight of the pillow or the warmness of the mattress can be annoying for you. An extra layer of the pillow cover has been designed to suite that particular need of your sleep habit. You can put your hand easily under this extra layer since its free from all sides. Enjoy your sleeping.

That makes life that much easier

The fabric of Choogha’s pillow cover is made of organic thread. Besides, the cotton fabric which is used in the pillow cover creates normal temperature and it does not absorb any dirt. You will experience a pleasantly cool feeling by touching this organic fabric. Some parts of Choogha’s pattern and lines are used in the pillow cover while one side of this cover has an extra layer. The pattern of the pillow cover is like the sleep set of Choogha to be in harmony when you use Choogha cushions in your home decoration as you like.

Get big comfort from little touches

The extra layer on one side of the pillow cover, which fits completely, attaches with some stitches in corners and some stitches in the middle of larger sides to the pillow cover. Therefore, you can put your hands under this layer easily form everywhere as your hands do not touch your face directly. Besides, this layer decreases the friction between your hands and face and consequently they sweat less. As your hands go and back under this layer, the air can go throw it constantly to keep it dry, cool and refresh if it is wet. The wet also increases friction between the pillow cover and your hairs which this hurts your skin as well as your hair. This extra layer solves this problem since the air goes throw easily and stop sweating.

To change the atmosphere

Have you ever wanted to use the other side of the pillow when you are in bed? Or wanted to put your hand under your face or the pillow? We all have some sleep habits which are similar to the others. These various habits cause some problems which one may like to be removed. Putting hands under your face might lead to sweat as well as putting your hands under pillow since the weight of the pillow make your hands numbed and consequently sweated. Hence, drops of sweat and also dirt which body release are absorbed by your pillows and its covering. In fact, you pillow is in direct contact with your face more than anything else.

Surround yourself with options

Pillow cover are designed in two different sizes; the queen size which can be used in single beds or double ones; One larger and longer size, love cover, which can be used instead of two pillow covers. With the second one, your head will not be annoyed by the gap between two pillows or slid down the gap. Furthermore, for the ones who move a lot during asleep, this particular size seems a better choice since they do not have to move their own small pillow constantly.