Just Minimal, Clean Design

Wood pattern with the cubic shape are used to create a sense of rustic of modern interior. Natural feeling of wood gives your home a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Go Modular and Up Your Light Box Options

The modular cubic form of this lighting makes you free to arrange these lighting with different lamps and have more light in your decoration. The wooden light box spreads the light everywhere and prepares the required light easily around you. Hence, you can make the most of the light of using lamps in a rustic sense.

It’s All Affordable and Easy to Apply to that Place You Love Calling Home

It’s without shield lamp with a maximum performance of light and shadow that gives a good general light around itself. The user can be created different function by changing the type of lamp according to the type of consumption in the desired decorative space and adapting the light to their own need.

A Perfect Place for Letting Your Mind Wander

light box can be used as table lamp, beside lamp and decorative lamp which improve the quality of modern live and suits your life and home. By changing the kind of lamp actually you can easily adjust the style of set the cube for a different light effect you can switch between a mood lamp for decoration to functional lamp for reading and work.